Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Talk video: "Software evolution then and now: the research of David Notkin"

On Friday, February 1, at an event honoring David Notkin, I gave a 30-minute talk that surveyed a few of his research contributions.

The talk video is available, for download or streaming, at http://www.cs.washington.edu/events/colloquia/search/details?id=1334

The title and abstract are as follows:

Software evolution then and now: the research of David Notkin
by Michael Ernst
February 1, 2013

Abstract:  Software engineering is a deep and important field that has been tremendously successful. David Notkin has contributed to that success during a distinguished career spanning three decades. This talk discusses a few of his research projects. For each project, the talk explains the problem and the solution. The talk highlights ways in which David Notkin's work has impacted not just other software engineering researchers, but also working programmers.

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