Saturday, November 19, 2016

Automated generation of assert statements with Toradocu

Do you love writing test assertions?  If not, the Toradocu tool can help you.  Toradocu 1.0 has just been released.

Toradocu automatically generates assert statements that you can insert in your program.  This makes your existing tests more effective, and it can also find errors during normal operation of your program.

Toradocu converts your existing Javadoc comments into assertions.  It works as follows:

  • It parses an English sentence, yielding a parse tree that indicates the subject, the verb, the direct and indirect objects, etc.
  • It associates every noun phrase in the sentence with an expression in the program.  It does so by comparing the text of the noun phrase with variable names and types.
  • It associates every verb in the sentence with an operation in the program.  For example, it compares the text of the verb with method names.
  • Now that every noun and verb in the parse tree is associated with a program element, the sentence can be translated to a Java expression that can be used in an assert statement.
For example, suppose you wrote

 @throws IllegalArgumentException if the argument is not in the list and is not convertable

Toradocu aims to determine that "argument" refers to the method's formal parameter, "the list" refers to some variable whose type is a subtype of List, and "convertable" is determined by some method whose name or documentation refers to "convert".  Toradocu generates an aspect that you can weave into your program.  The aspect indicates an error whenever your program should throw IllegalArgumentException but does not, and the aspect indicates an error whenever your program should not throw an IllegalArgumentException but does so.  This helps you ensure that your program and its documentation are consistent.

Toradocu is described in greater detail in the ISSTA 2016 paper "Automatic generation of oracles for exceptional behaviors".

Toradocu 1.0 works only for @throws Javadoc tags, and achieves precision and recall around 70%.  We are working to improve the results, to add support for @param and @return tags, and to integrate Toradocu into test generators such as Randoop.

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