Monday, April 13, 2015

NSF GRFs for Pavel Panchekha and Doug Woos

I am delighted that two of my students  Pavel Panchekha and Doug Woos  have won NSF graduate fellowships this year.

Pavel applies his mathematical background to problems in compilers and verification.  Pavel is co-advised by Zach Tatlock.

Doug works in the intersection of systems, networks, and programming languages.  Doug is co-advised by Tom Anderson.

Both Doug and Pavel are authors of our forthcoming PLDI paper on verifying distributed system implementations.

Overall, UW CSE garnered 9 NSF GRFs — more than CMU, MIT, or Stanford  and only one less than Berkeley, which has a larger student pool than UW.  UW's success is mostly because our students are terrific, but also because we advocate fiercely for their success.

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